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Here's some nice customer feedback from a happy Hawaiian Jag Bag owner:


Thank you for continuing the Jag Bag line. I have used these wonderful bags for over 15 yrs and highly recommend them. Living in Hawaii and traveling to many tropical climates like Thailand, India and Solomon Islands I use it constantly. Much Aloha

 - received October 2017


A visitor called Krystyna left a question for us today asking about Jag Bag sizes.  Unfortunately Krystyna, you didn't leave a contact email address so I hope this is what you're looking for  -  

Deluxe Extra Long Extra Wide Jag Bag  -  length is 103ins x 45ins  (260cms x 115cms).  The weight is 200g (7oz).

If you need any more information, please use our Contact form and we'll be happy to help.


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We don't chase customers for feedback so really appreciate it when a buyer takes the time to give it to us. Here's what we received last night via our website:

"I bought a silk sleeping bag liner for my daughter for Christmas. Just heard from India - its the best thing in her rucksack !!"

Lucky daughter is using Deluxe Jag Bag in Cerise