About Us

Hi and thanks for visiting our Terrevista Trails website. You might be asking why were called Terrevista when the bulk of what we sell are JagBag Silk Sleeping Bag Liners its a good question.

JagBags were originally invented in New Zealand by a lady called Jackie Ann Gardiner. For many years Jackie sold them all over the world from her JagBags website. I bought a JagBag as a customer back in 2008. I was so impressed with how warm it kept me in the hills of Vietnam that I contacted Jackie and asked if I could sell them in the UK and Europe. Happily she said yes.

Id just started a travel website called Terrevista Trails and decided to sell JagBags on-line through it.

A few years later, Jackie decided to retire and I bought the business from her. So, I own JagBags and theyre still produced by a small, highly skilled and motivated team in New Zealand although Im based in Scotland! I always intended to set up a JagBags UK site but never quite managed to get round to it life, travel and stuff in general always seemed to get in the way.

However, as the original Terrevista Trails site is now over 10 years old (I know prehistoric in internet terms) we will be launching a new JagBags UK site later in 2019. Until it arrives though, the full range of JagBags are available from the Terrevista Trails website for customers all over the world.

Weve also started selling the Deluxe and Standard models on Amazon in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Further afield, Aussie customers can also buy them on Amazon Australia .

No-one else makes JagBags and no other company sells them - we alone make them and spread the JagBag love.

Weve been asked many times why the name JagBags another good question. When she came up with the idea for them, Jackie didnt employ any fancy branding agency to come up with a name. She simply used her own initials, J A G. Shes a clever lady.

Paul - Terrevista Trails