JagBag Silk Sleeping Bag Liners

Essential Travel Equipment

So, what is a Silk Sleeping Bag Liner exactly? It’s an essential piece of travel kit. If you already use a JagBag Silk Sleeping Bag Liner you'll know just how versatile they are and how they add so much to any travel experience.

But if you don't use a liner, have never heard of them or think they're only for campers and backpackers then consider just how versatile a JagBag Silk Sleeping Bag Liner can be -

  • in cold climates, use inside a sleeping bag to increase the warmth AND protect the inside of your bag
  • use in warm climates to keep cool and dry - silk wicks moisture away from your body helping to keep you cool
  • a silk liner will help protect you from biting insects
  • in budget hotels or hostels, use a JagBag liner in the bed to protect you from dodgy sheets
  • silk feels very luxurious on your skin and so it can help you relax into a good night's sleep

JagBag Silk Sleeping Bag Liners are 100% pure habotai silk and are hand made by skilled machinists in New Zealand. 


Dyes are either a single, solid colour or a combination of colours which give a smokey, swirling, tie dye effect.  Another unique feature of JagBags is that they are hand dyed - although plain, undyed white is also available. 

Liners are dyed in small batches to ensure maximum colour saturation. Small batches also means that each dye produces slightly different results so you can be sure that your JagBag is unique - no-one else will have exactly the same shade or pattern as you.