JagBags FAQ

To answer the questions we're often asked about JagBags, we've put together this brief FAQ section. Here you'll be able to read about the origins of JagBags, care of silk and much more. If you'd like more detailed information or advice please contact us on info@terrevista.co.uk and we'll be pleased to help.


Q:  I live in New Zealand, can I buy a JagBag there or have one delivered locally?

Sorry but we have no stock available in New Zealand.  A limited range is available from the UK.  If you need and advice or after a particular style or colour please contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

Q:  Are JagBags 100% silk?

Absolutely!  Our silk is 100% habatoi silk with a weight of 8 momme. It is absolutely not blended with any other fibre.  Any fibre described as art, artificial or synthetic silk isn't silk - whatever it's maker say.  If you have the chance you can try the burn test.  Use a match and try to set light to a small piece of the material - real silk does not burn easily and when it does it gives off a burning hair smell.  That's because silk and hair have a very similar chemical make up.  Rub burnt silk on a hard surface and it breaks down to a grainy ash.  If your piece of test material goes up with a whoosh, smells toxic and melts into a hard, black plastic lump you can be pretty confident it wasn't silk!

Price is a good indication too - if something's described as silk and it's very cheap - it's not silk!  Pure silk is an expensive product, that's a fact of life.

Q: What is Habotai silk?

Habatoi silk, is soft and supple but is also very durable.  The density of its weave ensures that it's not only hard wearing but that it also has excellent performance, wicking away moisture from the body in hot climates and adding extra insulation and warmth when used as a sleeping bag inner liner. 

Q: What is 'momme'?

Momme is a unit of measurement used to describe the weight and thickness of silk fabric. Specifically, it refers to the weight of the silk in pounds per 100 yards of fabric. A momme is equivalent to 4.340 grams per square meter.

The momme weight is an important factor to consider. The higher the momme weight, the thicker and more durable the silk will be. 8 momme is considered lightweight and durable and is well suited for use in silk sleeping bag liners.  By contrast, a momme weight of 22-30 is considered medium to heavy weight and is ideal for silk sheets.

Q: Where are JagBags made?

JagBags were originally made in New Zealand by a family firm, Jackie Gardiner Batiks Ltd.  Jackie and her husband Boyd decided to take well earned retirement at the end of 2010 and ownership of the business passed to Paul Roberts, the owner of Terrevista Trails.  Paul was no stranger to JagBags, having sold them for many years in Europe from his Terrevista Trails website.  He's also used them in travels across the UK, Europe, SE Asia and even while tramping back in New Zealand!

Despite being based in Scotland, Paul was keen that JagBags were still made in their country of origin, New Zealand - and this is still the case today.  JagBags are still made and dyed in New Zealand by a small team from the same high quality silk, sourced from China.

Q: Why should I use a JagBag silk liner?

Using a JagBag liner will bring you many benefits on your travels:  

  • Use in a sleeping bag for extra warmth - a JagBag will add around a season to a bag
  • A liner will keep the inside of your sleeping bag clean
  • In warm climates use the JagBag instead of sleeping bag or sheets
  • In the tropics a Jag Bag will help keep you cool at night by wicking moisture away from your body
  • A JagBag will help protect you from biting insects
  • In 'budget' hotels and hostels, sleep in the bed inside a Jag Bag - avoid those suspect sheets!

Q: How do I wash my Jag Bag

Gently!  Silk is a wonderful natural material and individual threads are, size for size, stronger than steel.  BUT, it needs to be looked after properly.  Keep your JagBag clean and it will last for years, mis-treat it and it will wear out in months.  Hot water and hot air will degrade your silk very quickly. Here's how to look after your Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner.

 Wash in lukewarm water  Hot water
 Use travel wash gel or hair shampoo  Normal washing powder or gel
 Hand wash  Washing machine*                                   
 Dry naturally but out of direct sunlight  Tumble dry
   Fabric conditioner

 * If you have no choice but to use a washing machine use travel wash or shampoo and use the 'Handwash' or 'Delicate' setting.