Deluxe - Extra Wide & Extra Long

   If you are a restless sleeper, have a larger frame or just want a bit of extra space then you will find the Deluxe Extra Wide and Extra Long a     very comfortable choice.
   BTW - we call them a DEWEL (Deluxe Extra Wide and Extra Long)
   The DEWEL is 11 inches (28cm) wider and 20 inches (51cm) longer than a normal Deluxe JagBag.  That's a lot of extra space both in width and length.
   It does weigh a little more than a Deluxe but it's still a compact and lighweight silk sleeping bag liner.  Normal Deluxe weighs in at 5.5 ounces (156g)  -  DEWEL is 7 ounces (200g). 

   At the top is a very versatile Pillow Slot where you can put a pillow (obviously!) or use it to keep valuables close by at night.  And, if things are desperate, you can put your head into it for extra warmth or as protection from mossies. .  

   The Flap is handy for making sure your shoulders are fully covered.