JagBags for Customers in USA


JagBags and US Customers


JagBags are pure silk, sleeping bag liners.  They are hand made and dyed in New Zealand.  JagBags have been established for many years and have a global reputation for value and quality.

A JagBag is a very versatile piece of kit.  In cold weather, use it inside your sleeping bag to increase warmth;  in hot weather, use the JagBag as a standalone, silk sleeping bag - it will help cool you down and also protect against insect bites.

We've also had customers use them as scarves to protect from the sun and wraps for extra warmth.  They're also great if you sleep in normal bed - the JagBag silk will make you feel warm and comfortable.

Over the 17 years we have been making and selling JagBags, we have sold hundreds to American customers.  

Our JagBags come in a range of styles and unique, hand dyed colours.  We also make plain, undyed versions too.

Sorry, but JagBags aren't available in any US shops, you can only buy them online.  All orders are shipped from either New Zealand or our main location in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just to avoid confusion - JagBags are owned by and sold exclusively through our Terrevista Trails website.

Please have a look at our range and if you have any questions, please just contact me, Paul, and I'll be happy to help.


Paul Roberts - Owner at Terrevista Trails